Bookmarks For Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing field, and the market is booming.

It’s no wonder. Cybercrime is on the rise, and the stakes are higher than ever before. More and more people are being targeted by hackers every day, and there’s no telling how much money these criminals will make in the coming years. We’re not just talking about small-time crooks—we’re talking about people who want to destroy our economy and destabilize our society as we know it.

Luckily for you, you can find out everything you need to know about this subject in one place: [bookmark name]. In this book, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from hackers, what to do if your computer gets hacked, and how to prevent your identity from being stolen by stealing other person’s identities!

You’ll also find tips on how to keep your data safe so that if something does happen to your computer or smartphone, it won’t be able to be used against you. You’ll learn how to set up strong passwords so that hackers can’t steal any information off of your computer without getting caught themselves first!

Finally, there’s some great advice about staying safe online that will help keep criminals at bay when surfing the web!

Bookmarking is an important part of the process of discovering and exploring online content. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran to the world of bookmarks, it’s crucial to keep track of what’s out there.

May the best cybersecurity bookmarks win.

A list of bookmarks that contains lists of resources/articles that will help bug bounty hunters with resources that are useful during their bug bounty journey.

Table of Contents

Penetration Testing


Penetration Testing with Kali – Online Security TrainingOffensive Security Student SupportOffensive Security ForumsExploits Database by Offensive Security

Windows Privilege Escalation

Checklists/ at master · netbiosX/ChecklistsWindows Privilege Escalation – a cheatsheet | Tim ArneaudOSCP – Windows Priviledge Escalation | Hacking and securityFuzzySecurity | Windows Privilege Escalation FundamentalsPrivilege Escalation | To Shell And Back: Adventures In Pentesting

Cheat Sheets

Spawning a TTY ShellMSFVennom cheat sheetMsfvenom Cheat Sheet – Security-GeekPath Traversal Cheat Sheet: Linux — GracefulSecurityPath Traversal Cheat Sheet: Windows — GracefulSecurityReverse Shell Cheat Sheet | pentestmonkeyHow to Bypassing Filter to Traversal Attacks ? | Hacking & TricksLocal Linux Enumeration & Privilege Escalation Cheatsheet – RebootuserEscape From SHELLcatraz – Breaking Out of Restricted Unix Shells – Speaker DeckCommon Web-services · Security – My notepadNmap Cheat SheetLuke’s Ultimate OSCP Guide: Part 3 — Practical hacking tips and tricksPenetration Testing Methodology – 0DAYsecurity.comOSCP-Survival-Guide.pdf


Login Bypass Using SQL InjectionHacking website using SQL Injection -step by step guide – Ethical Hacking Tutorials | Learn How to Hack | Hacking Tricks | Penetration Testing LabVulnhub – Kioptrix: Level 1.2 (#3) – Guillermo CuraEnumeration Visualized Wiki


OSCP · Teck_k2Offensive Security’s Complete Guide to Alphahow-to-oscp-final.mdLoot and Enumerate · Security – My notepadOffensive Security’s PWB and OSCP – My Experience – Security SiftSecurity SiftJack HacksInteresting Local File Inclusion method | DiabloHornferreirasc/oscp: oscp studyOffensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Review – Jim Wilbur’s BlogPassing OSCP – scund00rBlackWinter Security | Code and Stuff

Linux Privilege Escalation

Linux Privilege Escalation by Exploiting CronjobsBasic Linux Privilege Escalation

Penetration test lab “Test lab” | PentestitCTF365 – Capture The Flag | Security Training Platform[PentesterLab] PentesterLab ProMainsequence – Exploit ExercisesOverTheWire: Natas Level 0Welcome [Root Me : Hacking and Information Security learning platform]Hack The Box :: Penetration Testing LabsHack The Box :: ForumsVulnerable By Design ~ VulnHub


Pentester Academy: Learn Pentesting OnlineAttackDefense Labs: Pentester Academy

Bug Bounty


Hacker101 CTFHacker101 | HackerOne Platform Documentation


Synack – DashboardSynack OnboardingLearn to hack and collaborate with other security researchers on bug bounties | BugBountyNotes.comGitHub – jhaddix/tbhm: The Bug Hunters MethodologyTomnomnom Vim Tutorial – Knowledge BaseAssetnote WordlistsPenetration Testing with Kali – Online Security TrainingOffensive Security Student SupportOffensive Security – Purchase PageOffensive Security – Exam Scheduling LinkExploits Database by Offensive SecurityOffensive Security ForumsHack The Box :: Penetration Testing LabsHack The Box :: ForumsIppSec – YouTubeVulnerable By Design ~ VulnHubcodingo/Reconnoitre: A security tool for multithreaded information gathering and service enumeration whilst building directory structures to store results, along with writing out recommendations for further testing.Scripts/ at master · MistSpark/Scripts · GitHub

Penetration test lab “Test lab” | PentestitCTF365 – Capture The Flag | Security Training Platform[PentesterLab] PentesterLab ProMainsequence – Exploit ExercisesOverTheWire: Natas Level 0Welcome [Root Me : Hacking and Information Security learning platform]Pentester Academy: Learn Pentesting OnlineAttackDefense Labs: Pentester AcademyAttify Store – Offensive IoT Exploitation | Attify StoreFlex Center // Infosec Skills :: Home

Reverse Engineering


IT and Information Security Cheat SheetsGIAC GREM Certification | Reverse Engineering MalwareCheat Sheet for Analyzing Malicious Software


The_Evolution_of_TDL.pdfDetecting DNS TunnelingTwo’s ComplementVirusTotalLearn to Develop with Microsoft Developer Network | MSDNGitHub – ytisf/theZoo: A repository of LIVE malwares for your own joy and pleasure. theZoo is a project created to make the possibility of malware analysis open and available to the public.MalwareTech – Life of a Malware AnalystThe “Ultimate”Anti-Debugging ReferenceDEF CON CHINAReverse Engineering challenges


Writing ARM Assembly (Part 1) | Azeria Labs


FCC OET Authorization SearchIoT Firmware Exploitation OnlinePractical Reverse Engineering Part 1 – Hunting for Debug Ports · Hack The WorldIntro to Hardware Hacking – Dumping your First FirmwareIoT Hacking Tools | Attify StoreElectronics – /dev/ttyS0Extracting Flash Memory over SPI | GracefulSecurityNAND Flash Data Recovery CookbookCentrifuge Platform® | Firmware Security Analysis | ReFirm LabsBinwalk Pro

Network Protocols

Reverse Engineering Network Protocols – Jack Hackshasherezade (hasherezade)Hasherezade’s projects

SDR Hacking

Signal Identification WikiThe Cryptopals Crypto Challenges



..:: Corelan Team | Peter Van Eeckhoutte (corelanc0d3r) ::..Exploit writing tutorial part 1 : Stack Based Overflows | Corelan TeamExploit writing tutorial part 2 : Stack Based Overflows – jumping to shellcode | Corelan TeamExploit writing tutorial part 3 : SEH Based Exploits | Corelan TeamExploit writing tutorial part 3b : SEH Based Exploits – just another example | Corelan TeamExploit writing tutorial part 4 : From Exploit to Metasploit – The basics | Corelan TeamExploit writing tutorial part 5 : How debugger modules & plugins can speed up basic exploit development | Corelan TeamExploit writing tutorial part 6 : Bypassing Stack Cookies, SafeSeh, SEHOP, HW DEP and ASLR | Corelan TeamExploit writing tutorial part 7 : Unicode – from 0x00410041 to calc | Corelan TeamExploit writing tutorial part 8 : Win32 Egg Hunting | Corelan TeamExploit writing tutorial part 9 : Introduction to Win32 shellcoding | Corelan TeamReverse Engineering and Binary Exploitation Series | PWNTHEBOX!FuzzySecurity | Tutorials


ProductsGitHub – Billy-Ellis/Exploit-Challenges: A collection of vulnerable ARM binaries for practicing exploit developmentWriting ARM Assembly (Part 1) | Azeria LabsSearch [Root Me : Hacking and Information Security learning platform]Corelliumarm_exploitation/exploitation_on_arm_based_systems.pdf at master · sashs/arm_exploitation15/85 SecurityROP on ARM with radare2Microsoft Word – ARM paperF.docx


Offensive Security’s CTP & OSCE Review – Jack HacksOSCE/CTP Prep Guide – Tulpa – the manual | Corelan TeamResources for OSCECTP/OSCE Prep – Wrapping Up Our Prep – The Human Machine Interfaceh0mbre/CTP-OSCE: Scripts I used during CTPjtpereyda/boofuzz: A fork and successor of the Sulley Fuzzing FrameworkStudy Guide & Tips: Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE) / Cracking The Perimeter (CTP) – Amin Bohiophra’s blog ~ Technical posts about InfoSecabatchy’s blog | OSCE Study PlanUpgrade from LFI to RCE via PHP Sessions – RCE SecurityTaking_Back_Netcat.pdfOSCE Review (CTP Course) – Everything S3curityThe Human Machine Interfaceh0mbre/Learning-C: A series of mini-projects used to learn C for beginnersmetasploit-payloads/c/meterpreter/workspace at master · rapid7/metasploit-payloads

Linux Exploitation

xairy/linux-kernel-exploitation: A collection of links related to Linux kernel exploitation


awe_syllabus_2018OSEE – AWEstralia 2018 preparations | www.jollyfrogs.comtimip/OSEE: OSEE PreparationCommon WinDbg Commands (Thematically Grouped)Windows Kernel Exploitation Tutorial Part 1: Setting up the Environment – rootkitabatchy’s blog | Tutorials

IoT Hardware

IoT Firmware Exploitation Online | RegistrationThe best resources for learning exploit development – Fabio BaroniBackdooring PE Files with Shellcode – Red Teaming Experiments

Windows Exploitation

Ricerca Security: “I’ll ask your body”: SMBGhost…SMBleedingGhost Writeup: Chaining SMBleed (CVE-20…Windows Internals & Software Drivers – OSRWhat is this? – Red Teaming Experiments


Installing Qemu for Windows [E-Maculation wiki]Qemu package and guide for Windows available • E-Maculation ForumIndex of /lubuntu/releases/16.04/releaseBuilding PPC Linux code using QEMU on Ubuntu 18.04 LTSDebian PortsQemu – Google Drivehugsy/cemu: Cheap EMUlator: lightweight multi-architecture assembly playground

Microcontrollers and SDRs

Nyan Sat – Satellite Communications Challenge – Chapter 0


GNU RadioTutorials – GNU Radio

Embedded Programming

FastBit Embedded Brain Academy | Works on Firmware and Embedded Engineering | Udemy


Web Security Academy: Free Online Training from PortSwigger

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