Cyber Security For Leadership

Importance of Cyber Security

Cybersecurity = Trust Business Value Cyber is a compelling business differentiator

  • Safeguarding intellectual property. financial information, and a company’s reputation is fundamental to business strategy
  • Clients expect their data and their assets to be secure, and services to be available
  • Cyber is not just about technology, it’s also about people and processes

Possible Security Threats

  • BOTNETS/zombies

How Prepared Are You?

  • Blind and Oblivious?
  • Vigilant and Watchful?
  • Resilient and Supple

Do you know what are your crown jewels?

The Hackers Do… One thing that hackers are very sure of is what they want to take from you.. Challenges to Organizations:

  1. Enormously large and ever growing structure and unstructured data volumes.
  2. Little or no control over the data life cycle -Create, Store, Use, Archive and Delete

Prepare the strategy

  • Step1: Determine what you have to protect
  • Step2: Identify what you’re legally required to protect
  • Step3: Understand your company’s risk appetite
  • Step4: Understand your threat landscape
  • Step5: Build your strategic cyber security plan
  • Step6: Evaluate and Test the plans – Ensure continuous improvement is in plan

Threat Agents

A good risk management program should take into consideration threat actors/agents that are more likely target your business. This involved understanding

  • Intent
  • Access
  • Capabilities
  • Resources
  • Objectives

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility

  • Define what is Normal.
  • Develop targeted employee awareness programs

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