Introduction to Dark Web, Anonymity, and Cryptocurrency

Table of Contents

Where is the risk

  • Hardware
  • OS
  • Browser
  • Email
  • wifi
  • Credit card info

Being anonymous

  • Tail OS
  • TOR Browser
  • Hotspot WIFI
  • OpenPGP for email
  • Bitcoin
  • Burner or non personal laptop
  • Never share personal info
  • Never sell illegal products

Dark Web and Onion Services

What is Dark web

  • Require TOP Browser
  • Not indexed by normal browser
  • Helps for free speech
  • But a heaven for illegal activities too
  • Bitcoin

What is Tor Network?

TOR Browser

What is Proxychains?

  • A proxifier
  • Tunnel TCP and DNS Through proxies
  • Support HTTP SOCKS4 SOCKS4 through proxy server

Accessing Dark Web

Tor search engines

  • Torch – Tor search Engine
  • Haystak
  • Tor Onionland

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