TOP Search Engines for Pentesters and Security Professionals.

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Shodan is the world’s first search engine for Internet-connected devices. Discover how Internet intelligence can help you make better decisions.

Attack Surface Management and Data Solutions to help your organization discover potential threats, understand cloud-based assets, and help you move fearlessly forward.

Hunter lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.

ZoomEye is a cyberspace search engine, users can search for network devices using a browser ZoomEye-python is a Python library developed based on the ZoomEye API. It provides the ZoomEye command line mode and can also be integrated into other tools as an SDK.

WiGLE (or Wireless Geographic Logging Engine) is a website for collecting information about the different wireless hotspots around the world. Users can register on the website and upload hotspot data like GPS coordinates, SSID, MAC address and the encryption type used on the hotspots discovered.

Ultimate solution for digital marketing and affiliate marketing research, PublicWWW allow you to perform searches this way, something that is not possible with other regular search engines

Pulsedive is a free threat intelligence platform. Search, scan, and enrich IPs, URLs, domains and other IOCs from OSINT feeds or submit your own.

Intelligence X is a search engine and data archive. Search Tor, I2P, data leaks and the public web by email, domain, IP, CIDR, Bitcoin address and more.

More than half of leading cybersecurity firms host at-risk databases. Reposify’s assessment uncovered more than 200,000 exposed assets among 35 cybersecurity companies in only two weeks.

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